Monday, April 8, 2013

A Long Day

Today is  my 13th day of taking ARVs.

So far I didn't experience any rashes, which is good, the only side effect I noticed so far is the constant headache that I'm experiencing and also I started coughing again. Given that I have a history of PTB, I'm a bit paranoid that it may relapse. Even my manager at work noticed that I started coughing again. I wanted to visit my Pulmonologist (Dr. Calderon) but our schedule doesn't match, he only comes to the clinic 3x a week and I have work in all of those days. I'm not also sure if I'm ready to disclose to him my 'status', for sure he will ask me if I am taking any medication and off course I would be forced to inform him about the ARVs. So I waited until today and possibly get more insight from my ID doctor.

11:45AM- Nathan and I arrived at Robinson's Galleria. The ARG staff asked me to bring my Philhealth CF1 form, 6 months contribution cert and MDR for my next visit. The CF1 and 6 months contribution cert I easily got from my company's HR, I was just a bit shaken though because the HR specialist asked me right away what the purpose is for and I have to come up with an alibi before she gave me the forms.  :(

You can only get the MDR from one of the Philhealth offices. Philhealth have an Express Service Desk in Robinson's Galleria, I was able to find this info from their official website (they also have this service in Robinson's Manila and Robinson's Novaliches). I have to commend Philhealth it took me less than 5 minutes to fill up a request slip and get the form. Good job! Probably it was also good that we arrived there almost lunch time already.

12:58PM-  We arrived in RITM-ARG Alabang. First time I was here I was number 5, then 35 and now I'm number 58... Bakit ang dami naman namin dito today? Should I be glad because more and more people are having the courage to take the test and finally act to fight this disease? Or should I be alarmed because this just confirms that this epedemic is really on the rise and widespread? I'm just thinking out loud... I'm just bored here waiting for my turn.

5:08PM- After 4 hrs of waiting I was finally able to speak to Dr. Wico. I expressed my concern about my cough and he examined me. He said there seems to be no obstruction in my air passage so I was fine. I told him that I had cough last February (a week after I finished my treatment with PTB) and that my Pulmonologist (Dr. Calderon) gave me  a prescription for anti-histamine which I took for 5 days and I was fine again. He asked me for the name of the medicine which he immediately checked. He said I can take the same meds again. I was delighted to know this, I have been tempted to take the same meds for a few days now and I was just hesitant because I was thinking that it may have a contraindication with the ARVs I'm taking. He also told me to continue taking my pneumonia prophylaxis (Co-trimoxazole) and even made a request for CBC for my next visit.  I think I'm starting to really like my ID doctor.

11:34PM-  Just got home. After my appointment with Dr. Wico we left RITM right away. The travel time from Starmall Alabang back to QC took almost 2 hours, it was already past 7 when we arrived in Araneta Center. Nathan and I decided to eat dinner in Gateway and watch 'The Croods' before going home. 

It was indeed a long day. Will be back in RITM in 2 weeks time. 

Good night! 



By the way, I saw Ms. Shola in RITM-ARG as well, I wanted to introduce myself to her but I was a bit shy. She is a very entertaining and interesting character. She even went to the waiting area and 'entertained' us with her modelling skills while we were waiting to be called. Hope to know her more in my next visits. :)

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